Creative Agency Droll

Our Love

To design cool stuff that people like and is fit for purpose

Our Mission

Don't over complicate it, keep things simple...Be more Droll

Curiosity And Passion are the 2 things that keep us going without a doubt.

So you're interested in us? We're Pete & Jen! We've worked in Creative roles for years, and worked our way up to the top of some pretty big companies. However, the higher you get, the less hands-on you become...this didn't feel right so we started Droll. 

Needless to say, we absolutely LOVE what we do, and the businesses we work with. We don't use accound managers or middle people, you'll only ever speak to someone that know what they're talking about.


We live and breathe everything Creative. We've worked in the Creative Industry for a combined total of 44 years (that makes us feel really old), there's not an awful lot we've not done in terms of projects. We've done everything from HUGE national campaigns costing £100k+, complex subscription websites, magazine design, through to business cards and wedding invitations.




As creatives we're naturally sharers! We spend quite a lot of time on our blog. If you're interested about how design & marketing works for business click below.