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Background- Accountants247 is a well established Accountancy firm based in Cheshire providing affordable services with transparent pricing. They are looking to Franchise their successful business model all over the UK.

Deliver - This project required several websites.

Colour - Colour has been shown to help with uplift in Energy, Concentration & Creativity in education. Yellows are great for classrooms teaching languages & other creative pursuits...fine art, dance, culinary arts etc, whilst green has a very calming effect in the classroom.

Typography - I have paired Montserrat with Avenier to create a Clean, Modern & Professional look and feel. When working with the playful logo the consistency here will helps to reinforce professionalism.

logo design by droll studio in warrington cheshire

Key Characteristics - Collaboration, Community, Approachable, Aspirational and Partnership

front cover of brochure design by droll
inside pages of brochure design by droll


Everyone involved was really happy with the outcome of this project. 


I've worked in Marketing for the vast majority of my career, for businesses of all sizes

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It's all based on collaboration

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.
- Steve Jobs

No truer words have been spoken! We have long lasting relationships with all our clients for this exact reason. The better we understand your business (and the project specifics), the quicker we can get to the best possible outcome...with the added bonus of it costing less.