video marketing

Video marketing explained

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In a world of multiple online channels and social media formats, video seems to be coming out on top. Social platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook are all focused on making video central to their platform. Over 82% of …

Outline your ideal customer

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Customers form the beating heart of your startup. Without a stable customer base, you can’t generate sales, bring in income or create a viable business model. So, it’s vital for your new business to have a very clear and fleshed-out …

What’s your unique selling point?

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Making your business stand out in a crowded market can be challenging. Differentiating your business will be key to attracting the right customers and giving them a reason to choose your business over another. This is why it’s really important …

Marketing your new business

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Marketing your new business can be daunting. Even with the best products and/or services in the world, you won’t make many sales if your intended customers don’t know about your business. To raise awareness of your brand and to kickstart …

Need an App

Does your business need an app?

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Mobile apps have revolutionised how we live, organise and track our lives. The average smartphone user now has 35 different apps on their device, showing not just the variety of different apps out there, but also the average consumer’s reliance …

business idea

Your new business idea

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That Eureka moment when you come up with a brilliant new business idea is a fantastic feeling! You’ll be full of ambition and desperate to begin building your startup. But once you’ve had that initial rough idea, how do you …

How to Create a great Inspiration Board

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Inspiration boards are the foundation for each and every Cheshire Cat Creative design project. Before we begin creating anything, we always start by pulling inspiration from photos and compiling them into a clean and cohesive inspiration board. This step is …