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5 Ways How SEO Can Provide a Better Customer Experience

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These days, it’s hard to find a company that doesn’t have an online presence. It’s currently the easiest way to market a company’s products or services, which can be done with a social media channel or a website. However, digital presence alone isn’t enough because you need to rank on search engines. This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in.

SEO involves optimising your website for search engines so that your site ranks higher on its results page. Using relevant keywords brings more attention and awareness to your company. While it may seem straightforward, it goes deeper because SEO can do more than just make a website rank higher on search engines, particularly on the user experience side. For this reason, we’ll discuss different ways how SEO can improve user experience, such as:

#1 – Always Create High-Quality Content

Search engines and readers will not appreciate low-quality content. It goes back to the whole concept of quality over quantity. One way to optimise your content is to create a blog in which you can provide valuable information to your readers. As a result, you attract new readers who will repost and share your content. When this occurs, it will attract more traffic to your site.

When you look to do SEO, you should always create high-quality content. Otherwise, it’s like throwing your hard work into the trash. Google is always looking for websites with valuable, quality content to rank higher because it builds a better user experience.

#2 – You Get a Fast Website

Fast loading time is crucial for any website because it’s how the user experience is built. If a website takes a long time to load, you may lose potential readers who will leave. For instance, Google’s page speed insights show how long the page takes to load.

Several factors affect a website’s loading speed, such as hosting speed, coding, analytics tracking and speed, and the site’s data. To speed up your website, you can optimise any of its content or compress large images.

#3 – User-Friendliness

Users can find what they need more efficiently when a website is easy to navigate, and its content is easy to read. In the case of search engine result pages, users will click on a result with the most relevant information, which means that content developers need to prioritise the site’s accessibility.

On a related note, mobile-friendly design is crucial for a website because most of the time, users browse on mobile devices. They rely on a good user experience on their phones, which means the design has to be optimised.

#4 – Targets Your Local Area

You can dream of making your business go international, but you should prioritise your locality first. It’s better to have a large local clientele willing to pay and support your business. You can gradually expand your business into other regions if you have a good number of local customers.

In this case, having a local business page is also good. You can then reach out to local businesses that cater to a similar industry and promote each other. Using a local page, you can target a local audience and build your brand name.

#5 – Shows Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings can be a game-changer because it gives prospects more information about your business. When a prospect is wondering whether you’re the right company for their needs, the reviews can help answer their questions. You can install a review widget on your website to show reviews and ratings. To show the ratings, you can use a star rating widget. Alternatively, you can display the reviews and ratings on your business page.


SEO takes the user experience of a website and optimises it to make it perform better. In the case of search engine results, it makes the website more user-friendly so that users will click on the site. For this reason, you should always strive to optimise your user experience to attract new prospects.

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