Branding A School

Nigel Bailey Hair

June 2021

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Nigel Bailey Hair is a salon based in Northwich town centre in Cheshire creating beautiful bespoke hair with an ethical and eco-friendly approach.

The existing branding and website doesn't truly reflect the high quality, eco-friendly service offered at Nigel Bailey Hair.


Firstly, create a brand identity which reflects the ethos and outstanding service provided at the salon. Secondly, create an e-commerce website which allows customers to book appointments and purchase the hair products used in the salon.

Click Here to view the live website.

Logo & Graphic

The use of a signature as the logo was an obvious choice, given Nigel's hands-on approach to his business and passion for sustainability.

The secondary graphic is to be used in situations where the signature would be illegible due to size etc. 

Brand Identity

Brand Identity goes well beyond logos. It's all about tone of voice and consistency when talking to your customer.