Nigel Bailey Hair

John Randall

July 2019

Visual Identity


The current branding of the school isn't reflected in the great work we do. We need an identity which will help us to attract new pupils.


The schools pillars are built upon being collaborative, having a sense of community, being approachable, Aspirational & working together in partnership.

The new identity will need to encapsulate the pillars and resonate with audiences (Parents, Students & Staff), whilst being memorable, timeless, playful, clean, simple and bold.

Using the new identity we need to create a new website, produce an A4 prospectus & A4 press advert to attract new pupils


Memorable, Timeless, Playful, Clean, Simple and Bold.

Brand Identity

Colour has been shown to help with uplift in Energy, Concentration & Creativity in education.

Yellows are great for classrooms teaching languages & other creative pursuits...fine art, dance, culinary arts etc.

Green has a very calming effect in the classroom.