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Beginner’s Guide: Choosing the Right Colours for Your Brand

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A strong brand identity can help your business stand out and get a competitive edge over your competition. Considering how important branding is, you’ll want to make sure to get it right. And while there are a slew of different ways to go about branding, one of the best ways is to choose good brand colours. Now, this is easier said than done, as choosing the right brand colours can be rather tricky. This is doubly true if you know close to nothing about branding. To help make things easier for you, we thought it would be useful to put together a brief guide on this subject. If this is something that you’re interested in, read on for a beginner’s guide on choosing the right colours for your brand.

Establish Your Brand Identity

The colours of your product are a reflection of your brand identity. To ensure that consumers recognize your brand and associate it with the values you want to communicate, you’ll need to define your brand identity before choosing a colour scheme. A recommended practice for this is to compose a list of adjectives that describe the essence of your company as if you were talking about a person. Ask yourself how you’d like consumers to perceive your brand and what sets it apart from its competitors. 

Understand the Meaning behind Colours

Now that you’ve identified your brand’s personality, it’s time to choose the colours (or colour scheme) to make it shine. To do so, take a look at some colour psychology principles for common colour meanings, but also keep in mind that colour is not an exact science. The meaning of a colour depends on its context. For example, blue conveys feelings of peace and romance when it is paired with gold, but feelings of excess and overindulgence when it is paired with pink. Keep in mind that colours can have different meanings depending on how they are paired with. To add to this, the meanings behind colours also change depending on the context and industry you belong to.

Test Your Brand Colours

Once you’ve chosen your brand colours,  make sure to see if they all go well together. To do this, place them all together and test them in a few different combinations to make sure they complement one another. You should also test your colour palettes to make sure they work well together. You can do this by looking at your website or document with the colours inverted or colourblind-friendly software. There are plenty of online tools and browser plugins that can help you make sure your colours are accessible.


Hopefully, this guide allows you to make the most informed decisions when it comes to your choice of brand colours. While it may seem complicated at first, choosing brand colours can be quite easy as long as you know what you’re doing. This guide should be a good starting point and should make the entire process more manageable. Be sure to keep everything you’ve learned here in mind so that you can choose the right brand colours for your business.

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